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Our Promise

Our Donation Pledge

The directors of Blue Planet Energy pledge to donate 15% of the gross revenue of the commissions received from selling electricity to all their customers to environmental education and protection programs that promote energy efficiency and responsible actions in school-age children.

There will be no "Hollywood accounting"--15% of all the revenue Blue Planet receives will be given to programs fitting the above criteria. Blue Planet's clients will determine which programs receive our donation. We are investing in the "energy" of the next generation on behalf of our clients.

Organizations We Support

Organizations we support are shown below. They are examples of the positive change that comes from your support. Alternatively, your local school may have a program you wish to fund. As long as the organization is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit and provides energy and environmental education for our youth, it can be chosen for funding.

Start a Relationship

with Blue Planet Energy. Please contact us to set up a meeting where we will immediately start evaluating your energy needs.

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"A 2 year contract via Blue Planet Energy sounds like a no brainer. Same costs? When EASEE heads to the suburbs give me a heads up. I'd love to see more interaction on stuff like this at their school."

Scott Richter
Able Die Casting Corporation
Schiller Park, IL

Education and Actions for a Sustainable Energy Efficiency

Education and Actions for Sustainable Energy Efficiency (EASEE) empowers students (and, through them, their families and communities) to effect positive change on the environment by educating them and giving them strategies to share their knowledge and implement their ideas.  Current programs are in the Chicago Public Schools.
Visit Educations and Actions for a Sustainable Energy Efficiency

Alliance to Save Energy Green Schools program

Energy costs are an enormous expense for our nation's schools. To help free up more resources for education while strengthening academic learning, the Alliance's Green Schools Program engages students in creating energy-saving activities to reduce energy consumption in their schools and apply the lessons of energy-efficiency in their homes and communities.
Visit Alliance to Save Energy Green Schools

"e" inc

"e" inc. is committed to teaching urban children, teens, and families the science of how the earth works and the projects that make a difference. Last year alone, e inc. served over 800 youth using dynamic experimental learning coupled with actions in conservation, protection and advocacy. Our outcome? Smart kids who care!
Visit "e" inc.

Solar One

Solar One is NYC's first and only Green Energy, Arts and Education Center,located in Stuyvesant Cove Park, the city's only sustainably managed,native plant park. Our programs, which focus on renewable energy education, demonstrations and outreach, reach a wide variety of city residents and visitors, including K-12 schoolchildren, local artists and activists, green entrepreneurs, at-risk youth and recent immigrants. Our mission is to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds with the vision, knowledge and resources to attain an environmentally sound and sustainable future.
Visit Solar One at http://solar1.org

Our Assurance

Blue Planet will emphasize the commitment to transparency by posting each year on our website, after our CPA finalizes our tax return, a notarized statement verifying:

  • We gave 15% of Blue Planet Energy's gross revenue to non-profits.
  • The name of each non-profit that received funding during the year.
  • How much each non-profit received during the year.

Blue Planet Energy has an ongoing commitment to educational programs that promote energy efficiency and sustainability and we clearly display our commitment.

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