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Craig Schuttenberg
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Able Die Casting supports EASEE with Blue Planet Energy's Donation

(Chicago, August 31, 2010) An integral part of working with Blue Planet Energy is the donation given to not-for-profits that support education of K-12 students on energy, the environment and sustainability. Able Die Casting, located in Schiller Park, IL, (http://www.ablediecasting.com/) recently signed a two-year electricity supply contract brokered by Blue Planet Energy. Fifteen percent of the commission revenue Blue Planet Energy receives will be donated to Education and Actions for Sustainable Energy Efficiency (www.EASEE-usa.org), a not-for-profit located in Chicago. EASEE empowers students (and, through them, their families and communities) to effect positive change on the environment by educating them and giving them strategies to share their knowledge and implement their ideas. Along with educating K-12 students, the donation will result in student families saving $20,000 in energy expense from using the CFLs distributed through the EASEE program.


About Able Die Casting

Able Die Casting is a family owned manufacturer of zinc and aluminum high pressure die castings and has operated in the Chicago metropolitan area for 90 years. It employs over 100 people and takes pride in its continuing efforts to run as environmentally friendly and energy efficiently as possible. Please visit http://www.ablediecasting.com/

About Blue Planet Energy

Blue Planet Energy is a joint venture of Energy Choices, P.C. and Satori Energy, two experienced and well established companies that provide energy consulting and broker services to large commercial, industrial and institutional customers. Blue Planet Energy provides its clients a unique economical and environmentally beneficial opportunity to purchase competitively priced electricity from our Retail Electricity Supplier and, at no extra cost, support educational organizations that focus on improving the current state of our environment.

Blue Planet donates 15% of the gross revenue it receives from commissions to educational programs that promote energy efficiency and responsibility in school-age children. For a list of supported organizations visit Blue Planetís website: www.blueplanetenergy.net

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