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About Us

Our Mission

Blue Planet Energy provides its clients a unique economical and environmentally beneficial opportunity to purchase competitively priced electricity from our sole-sourced Retail Electricity Supplier and, at no extra cost, support educational organizations that focus on improving the current state of our environment.

The founders of Blue Planet Energy have almost 20 years experience each in procuring cost-effective energy supply. With this experience came the realization that a new business model was necessary to satisfy the expanded needs of today's facility and energy managers. In addition to facing the ever-present need to secure economic energy supply and meet one's budget, clients must also now effectively promote and protect the environment. By helping its clients facilitate relationships with our sole-sourced certified energy supplier and donating a portion of our revenue to environmental education non-profits, Blue Planet Energy has developed an energy supply product that combines supplier-direct pricing with responsible corporate behavior at no extra cost.

Our Process

Our process is straightforward:

  1. We discuss the energy supply product that best fits your needs.
  2. We supply a competitive price through our sole-sourced Retail Electricity Supplier.
  3. If you choose Blue Planet, along with signing an agreement with our supplier, you sign Blue Planet's Commitment Memorandum, designating which non-profit will be supported.
  4. Your designated non-profit will receive 15% of the revenue Blue Planet earns.
  5. Your support will be posted on our site and a press release and your non-profit will be notified.

Start a Relationship

with Blue Planet Energy. Please contact us to set up a meeting where we will immediately start evaluating your energy needs.

Phone 1 (847) 418-3883
Email info@blueplanetenergy.net

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